About me

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I like painting. I enjoy painting. The time stops. When I am in the middle of a new artwork, the sensations are incredible. I charge for my paintings to be able to paint many more and to be able to advance in new materials.

For me, art is the transmission of sensations. Enjoying a painting, a drawing, a sculpture is wonderful. The world around us transmits sensations all the time. In general, the vast majority of humans remain inert. When our body relaxes, those sensations flow again and it is wonderful.

My worlds run between software-based product developments and art. Bringing these two worlds together is something I would like to achieve at some stage in my life. If you want to know more about me (I do not know why ðŸĪŠ):

→ Twitter: I like to have my own opinion.
→ LinkedIn: take a look to my profesional timeline.
→ Instagram: two profiles personal and profesional.
→ Github: here I have some code lines.
→ Dribbble: where my designs go.
→ Telegram: personal Hipster channel.
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